The EPA sticker MUST contain the VIN number of the vehicle. If there is no EPA sticker present on the driver side door jamb, please mark the box "EPA Sticker Missing/Defaced" on the inspection report.

Incorrect EPA Sticker photos are: registration sticker, vehicle dashboard VIN plate and tire pressure sticker.
Due to planned growth in Florida, CARCO is offering a site REFERRAL INCENTIVE. CARCO is looking for sites and welcomes referrals in the following counties, especially in Duval and Orange counties.

*Orange County
*Duval County

  Broward County
Dade County
Hillsborough County
Palm Beach County
Pinellas County

Please contact the CARCO Site Coordinators at 1-800-969-2272 ext. 434 or ext. 358 for details on the REFERRAL INCENTIVE!!


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